GPSLoc: Framework for Predicting Global Positioning System Quality of Service


While currently numerous existing engineering applications benefit from the global positioning system (GPS), it is anticipated that operation of many new, emerging applications (e.g., applications related to ubiquitous mobile computing) will rely on the information provided by this technology. Depending on the application requirement, GPS data may be collected and post-processed or collected and processed in real time. In either case, there are questions about availability, quality, and reliability of GPS data in engineering applications. To date, despite available techniques for realizing, and to some extent improving, a certain level of GPS accuracy, there is no integrated, coherent approach or technique that would provide users with solutions that combine GPS availability, quality, and reliability. To that end, we propose quality of service (QoS) assurance for GPS. With GPS QoS, users and applications would be provided with the means for predicting GPS solutions in advance meeting the requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner. We have developed a framework for the proposed GPS QoS called GPSLoc. In this paper, we discuss the requirements, methodologies, models, and algorithms for the GPSLoc framework and the experimentation with one of the GPS QoS parameters (visibility).