Technical Papers

Dynamic Performance of Simply Supported Rigid-Plastic Square Plates Subject to Localized Blast Loading


This paper presents the theoretical solution to the response of a square plate undergoing plastic deformation due to a generic localized blast pulse. A localized blast load function was assumed multiplicative of its spatial distribution and temporal pulse shape. The spatial distribution was representative of constant pressure over the central zone, while exponentially decaying outside that zone. Considering an appropriate moment function and ignoring the membrane, transverse shear, and rotary inertia effects, the static plastic collapse was found, whereby the analysis was extended to the dynamic case by assuming a kinematically admissible, time-dependent velocity profile. The analytical model, which was validated against the numerical results obtained through ABAQUS hydrocode, showed close correlation in terms of the permanent transverse deflection profile. In order to consider the effect of temporal pulse shape, the results were formulated for rectangular as well as exponentially and linearly decaying pulses. For blast loads of high magnitude, the pressure load was replaced by an impulsive velocity. The calculations were simplified by utilizing the dimensionless form, and the results were corroborated with theoretical and experimental results from the literature. The model showed improvements in predicting the final deformation of square plates over previous models of simplified loading function.