Technical Papers

Identifying FDOT’s Physical Transportation Infrastructure Vulnerable to Sea Level Rise


The objective of this research was to integrate current data sources to develop a methodology for assessing and mitigating the potential impacts of sea level rise (SLR) on Florida’s transportation infrastructure to assist transportation planning. The proposed approach integrates the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) information system with existing topographical and geological data to facilitate (1) the evaluation of current and projected SLR impacts on Florida’s coastline and low-lying terrain areas, and (2) the identification of the physical transportation infrastructure that is most likely to be affected by frequent to continuous flooding because of SLR so that solutions could be sought. The projection of SLR, and the timing for the same, was outlined using a benchmark approach that brackets time intervals as opposed to specific timing for improvements. Further research to evaluate the impact of sea level rise on ponding and storm surge is a future, more difficult area of investigation.