Technical Notes

Water-Void to Cement Ratio Identity of Lightweight Cellular-Cemented Material


Lightweight cellular cemented clays have wide range of applications in the infrastructure rehabilitation and in the construction of new facilities. Since the inception of this method, the developments in the plant and machinery as well as associated field techniques have surpassed the basic understanding of strength developments in lightweight cellular cemented clay. In this paper, an attempt is made to identify the dominant parameter, governing the unit weight, strength, and compressibility characteristics of lightweight cellular cemented clay, which helps control input of water, air foam, and cementing agent to attain unit weight and strength development with curing time. From this research, it is discovered that water-void/cement ratio, wV/C is the dominant parameter for the above purposes. From the critical analysis of test results, a mix design method to attain the target strength and unit weight is suggested. This method is useful from both engineering and economic perspectives.