Technical Papers

Buffeting Analysis of Long-Span Bridges under Typhoon Winds with Time-Varying Spectra and Coherences


Typhoon winds near the external eye wall of a strong typhoon are extremely nonstationary and disastrous due to its vortex and convective origin as well as its high wind speeds. However, typhoon-induced nonstationary responses of long-span bridges are currently analyzed with the assumption of time-invariant wind coherence. By taking the Stonecutters cable-stayed bridge in Hong Kong under Typhoon Hato in 2017 as an example, this paper presents the time-varying wind spectra and coherences for the bridge based on the wind data recorded by the multiple anemometers installed on the bridge. The analytical framework for nonstationary buffeting analysis of long-span bridges under typhoon winds is enhanced by considering time-varying wind coherence and applied to the Stonecutters Bridge under Typhoon Hato. The computed responses are compared with the field measurement responses. The comparative results demonstrate the feasibility and accuracy of the enhanced framework for buffeting analysis of long-span bridges with time-varying wind spectra and coherences. Comparative results with the other two cases of time-invariant coherence functions also highlight the importance and necessity of considering the time-varying wind coherence in the nonstationary buffeting analysis of long-span bridges under typhoon winds.