Technical Papers

Motion Planning and Coordination for Mobile Construction Machinery


Inadequate tools for evaluating construction machinery management have resulted in engineers relying heavily on experience to plan and replan site management during short time frames, with a lack of consideration for the movement of different construction machinery and the coordination of multiple construction machines. This study proposes a four-step motion planning and coordination method to evaluate construction machinery management. The method includes four steps: (1) model development, (2) configuration space construction, (3) path finding, and (4) machine coordination. This method can be used to perform motion planning for mobile construction machinery to generate a collision-free path for multiple construction machines moving simultaneously on a construction site, based on the true movement of construction machinery. Two virtual construction sites were constructed to test the efficiency of the developed method. The results indicate that the method can provide a collision-free path for two sets of machinery in different complex environments within one minute. This method can help engineers evaluate the site plan from a logistics approach, and thus determine the possible site layout.