Design and Construction of Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations

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  • This standard addresses the design and construction of frost-protected shallow foundations in areas subject to seasonal ground freezing. Foundation insulation requirements to protect heated and unheated buildings from frost heave are presented in easy-to-follow steps with reference to design tables, climate maps, and other necessary data to furnish a complete frost-protection design. The advantages of this technology include improved construction efficiency over conventional practices, increased energy efficiency, minimized site disturbance, and enhanced frost protection. A commentary is included to provided background information and important technical insights.

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Chapter 1 Scope and Limitations
Pages: 1–1
Chapter 2 References
Pages: 1–1
Chapter 3 Symbols, Units, and Definitions
Pages: 1–3
Chapter 4 Design Principles
Pages: 3–4
Chapter 5 Simplified FPSF Design Method for Heated Buildings with Slab-On-Ground Foundations
Pages: 4–6
Chapter 6 FPSF Design Method for Heated Buildings
Pages: 6–8
Chapter 7 FPSF Design Method for Unheated Buildings
Pages: 8–11
Chapter 8 Special Design Conditions for FPSF
Pages: 11–14
Appendix A Design Data
Pages: 15–24
Pages: 25–34
Pages: 35–36