Proceedings of the 2002 Hydraulic Measurements and Experimental Methods Conference, held in Estes Park, Colorado, July 28-August 1, 2002. Sponsored by the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCE; International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research. This collection contains 114 papers that discuss established and developing technologies for hydraulic measurements and new experimental methods. New developments in the practice of hydraulic research and experimentation are being driven by two factors: first, an explosion of new instrumentation technologies, particularly in the fields of acoustics and particle-image tracking and, second, an expansion of international collaboration resulting from due to the efforts of professional societies and the ease of information exchange created by the Internet and related technologies. Topics include: analysis techniques for acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) data; applications of acoustic Doppler velocimeters (ADVs) to sediment measurements; measurements in air-water mixtures; open channel flows; hydraulic structures and instrumentation; ADCP discharge measurement applications; ADVs in field an laboratory applications; innovations in river discharge measurement; laboratory applications of Doppler profiling technology; developments in current metering; new methodologies in quantitative imaging; measuring sediment transport parameters using acoustic profilers; field and lab methods for sediment measurements; three-dimensional quantitative imaging techniques; measuring tidally affected flows using acoustic methods; measuring turbulence characteristics with ADCPs; measurements in lakes and reservoirs; quantitative imaging techniques applied to two-phase flows; field and lab methods for surface velocity measurement; turbulence measurement with ADVs; index velocity applications; quantitative imaging techniques for bed load and bed form flows; discharge measurements using ADVs; acoustic measurement applications; micromodels; turbulence measurements; and innovations in flow measurements.