Editor's Choice Collection

Natural Hazards Review
Editor’s Choice Collection

For each issue of the journal, the Chief Editor may select a paper to be featured on the journal homepage in the ASCE Library. The paper is available for free to registered users for 1 to 4 months, depending on how frequently the journal is published. Below is a list of Editor’s Choice selections.

Volume 25

Issue 1 - February 2024
The Warning Lexicon: A Multiphased Study to Identify, Design, and Develop Content for Warning Messages
ORCID ID iconJeannette Sutton; Michele K. Olson; and Nicholas A. Waugh
Published online: October 30, 2023

Volume 24

Issue 4 - November 2023
Household Adaptations to and Impacts from Electric Power and Water Outages in the Texas 2021 Winter Storm
Nafiseh Soleimani; ORCID ID iconRachel A. Davidson, A.M.ASCE; ORCID ID iconJames Kendra; Bradley Ewing; and Linda K. Nozick
Published online: July 27, 2023

Issue 3 - August 2023
Growing Community Resilience from the Grassroots: Risk Awareness, Confidence in Institutions, and Civic Participation in a Natural Hazards Context
ORCID ID iconHyunseok Hwang, Ph.D.; Arnold Vedlitz, Ph.D.; and ORCID ID iconR. Patrick Bixler, Ph.D.
Published online: March 25, 2023

Issue 2 - May 2023
Ember Alerts: Assessing Wireless Emergency Alert Messages in Wildfires Using the Warning Response Model
ORCID ID iconErica D. Kuligowski; Nicholas A. Waugh; Jeannette Sutton; and Thomas J. Cova
Published online: January 25, 2023

Issue 1 - February 2023
Community Perspectives on Simulation and Data Needs for the Study of Natural Hazard Impacts and Recovery
ORCID ID iconAdam Zsarnóczay; Gregory G. Deierlein, F.ASCE; ORCID ID iconCaroline J. Williams; ORCID ID iconTracy L. Kijewski-Correa, A.M.ASCE; ORCID ID iconAnn-Margaret Esnard; Laura N. Lowes, A.M.ASCE; and Laurie Johnson
Published online: November 14, 2022

Volume 23

Issue 4 - November 2022
Efficacy of Damage Data Integration: A Comparative Analysis of Four Major Earthquakes
ORCID ID iconSabine Loos, M.ASCE; Jennifer Levitt; Kei Tomozawa; Jack Baker, M.ASCE; and ORCID ID iconDavid Lallemant
Published online: August 08, 2022

Issue 3 - August 2022
A Community Impact Scale for Regional Disaster Planning with Transportation Disruption
ORCID ID iconStephanie E. Chang, Ph.D.; and ORCID ID iconAlexa Tanner
Published online: May 23, 2022

Volume 22

Issue 4 – November 2021
Jazz on Tulsa Time: The Remarkable Story of the Network of Flood Mitigation Champions behind the Tulsa Turnaround
Ward Lyles; Penn Pennel; and ORCID ID iconRachel Riley
Published online: June 16, 2021

Issue 3 – August 2021
Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Coupled Natural-Physical-Social Systems: Cascading Impact of Hurricane-Induced Damages to Civil Infrastructure in Galveston, Texas
Ehsan Fereshtehnejad; Ioannis Gidaris, M.ASCE; ORCID ID iconNathanael Rosenheim; Tori Tomiczek, M.ASCE; Jamie E. Padgett, M.ASCE; Daniel T. Cox, M.ASCE; Shannon Van Zandt; and ORCID ID iconWalter Gillis Peacock
Published online: April 08, 2021

Issue 2 – May 2021
Community Response to Hurricane Threat: Estimates of Warning Diffusion Time Distributions
ORCID ID iconMichael K. Lindell; ORCID ID iconJohn H. Sorensen; Earl J. Baker; and William P. Lehman
Published online: February 27, 2021

Issue 1 – February 2021
Value of Information on Resilience Decision-Making in Repeated Disaster Environments
ORCID ID iconNoah C. Dormady, Ph.D.; Robert T. Greenbaum, Ph.D.; and Kim A. Young, Ph.D.
Published online: October 26, 2020

Volume 21

Issue 3 – August 2020
Community Resilience-Focused Technical Investigation of the 2016 Lumberton, North Carolina, Flood: An Interdisciplinary Approach
John W. van de Lindt, F.ASCE; Walter Gillis Peacock; Judith Mitrani-Reiser, M.ASCE; ORCID ID iconNathanael Rosenheim; ORCID ID iconDerya Deniz, A.M.ASCE; Maria Dillard; Tori Tomiczek; ORCID ID iconMaria Koliou; Andrew Graettinger; ORCID ID iconP. Shane Crawford; Kenneth Harrison; ORCID ID iconAndre Barbosa, M.ASCE; Jennifer Tobin; ORCID ID iconJennifer Helgeson; ORCID ID iconLori Peek; Mehrdad Memari, M.ASCE; Elaina J. Sutley, M.ASCE; Sara Hamideh; Donghwan Gu; Stephen Cauffman; and ORCID ID iconJuan Fung Published online: June 13, 2020

Issue 2 – May 2020
From Disaster Risk Reduction to Policy Studies: Bridging Research Communities
Richard S. Olson; N. Emel Ganapati; ORCID ID iconVincent T. Gawronski; Robert A. Olson; Erik Salna; and ORCID ID iconJuan Pablo Sarmiento
Published online: February 26, 2019

Issue 1 – February 2020
Computational Framework to Support Government Policy-Making for Hurricane Risk Management
Dong Wang; ORCID ID iconRachel A. Davidson, A.M.ASCE; Linda K. Nozick; Joseph E. Trainor; and Jamie L. Kruse
Published online: November 28, 2019

Volume 20

Issue 3 – August 2019
CRISIS: Modeling the Restoration of Interdependent Civil and Social Infrastructure Systems Following an Extreme Event
Ryan Loggins, Ph.D.; Richard G. Little; John Mitchell, Ph.D.; Thomas Sharkey, Ph.D.; and William A. Wallace, Ph.D.
Published online: April 08, 2019